Wednesday, October 19, 2011

life lately

i realize i've been gone for a loooooong time. life has been getting a little too heavy lately, and i felt that i needed to take some time off and refocus.

to those of you who are privy to what is happening in my personal life:
there hasn't been any change. i'm still taking each day as they come and finding joy in the seemingly mundane. my children's laughter, cooking, baking, and quiet time with God.

i know there are a lot of people who read this through my facebook page. i'm not sure what you've heard about what is happening, but if you are hearing things second hand, i can guarantee that they are false. please talk to michael or myself (or both of us) if you would like to know what is going on. these rumors that are going around are awful and they really need to stop. we are all adults, after all. lets start acting like it.

sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in limbo. other times i feel completely free and like i'm moving forward. it is the way of such things, i suppose. should have i let things progress this far? no. but i am young, and i was obviously naive. i'm not ashamed of it. why would i be? it's taught me things that i need to better myself. the life lessons i'm learning through these trials are wonderfully beneficial.

i've always been one to make sure that everyone else was ok. i don't like to rely on other people, it makes me uncomfortable. ever self sufficient, i bore this silently for a long time. i then realized that i didn't have the strength to go through this by myself. the Lord completely pulled me out of my comfort zone. you know what happened? i matured, grew, and became a better person. this has made me draw on the support of my family and close friends. the responses have been widely varied, the counsel much the same. the common thread in all of it? LOVE. pure unconditional love. i didn't expect it. the Lord continues to hold me in His arms and show me His love through everyone in my life. i've been drawn into a deeper relationship with my creator. He reveals treasures and promises to me in His WORD daily.

as much as i wish that my life would fast forward to 6 months from now, i'm right where i need to be. i'm beginning to become ok with that.

what does the future hold? many wonderful things.


  1. Love the bangs!!! Been thinking of you lots!

  2. I have been thinking of you, dear friend, and praying for you and your family!!! I am so happy to hear the strength in your words, God is truly good. Hold onto that love and courage and remember that you have so many of us cheering you on!!!

  3. You are in my prayers all the time. God can handle all you give him and more.