Friday, September 2, 2011

growing up

{Isaiah Michael, 5 days old}

dear isaiah:
i can't believe how fast you're growing up. you're starting preschool on tuesday. mommy is going to bawl her eyes out. you're very excited about it. we met your teacher today. you explored your classroom and discovered how awesome magnifying glasses are. i'm not ready for you to go to school. not one bit. it means letting you go and trusting someone else to take care of you. it means trusting God to put people in place to love on you and teach you things in ways mommy cant. it's teaching me to cherish every moment that i have with you even more. these years have passes so very quickly. just yesterday you were my tiny little 4 lb baby, and now you're a 35 lb 3.5 year old who loves the color red, Mario, Thomas the train, and cheese crackers. you're so wonderful Zay Zay, and you never fail to make me smile. never. i love you big bunches. mommy is so proud of the little man that you're growing up to be.

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  1. Oh my... getting misty over here. I am sure he will have such a great time... and you hang in there.