Saturday, September 3, 2011


today is international bacon day! YUM-O!
you probably know that bacon is my favorite food group. that's right, my favorite food group.

in honor of international bacon day, i think i'll make some chocolate covered bacon. oh, and i'm having BLTs for dinner.

check out this recipe for bacon explosion. it's hilarious for the simple fact that the first step is "create a bacon weave" you'd better have a cardiologist on speed dial if you attempt this. if i ever made this, i'd use ground beef  instead of pork, and i'd put cheese in it. then it'd be a bacon cheeseburger explosion. YUM.

happy bacon day. celebrate accordingly. (:


  1. I need to celebrate this somehow today! Was I at Walmart when you saw me? ha. Yes, we need to get together. I am thinking of setting up another play date when the weather cools down!

  2. Now that is my kind of day. A day with bacon. Yummy!