Thursday, January 12, 2012

cafe discussion

i'm so very excited to be taking part in the (very first!) cafe discussion going on at our beautiful little journey.
what's the purpose of cafe discussions? i'll let Noelani explain:

 Well, it's a place for us ladies to gather in together, and share our thoughts and emotions. Every two weeks, there will be a new topic of discussion being brought to the coffee table. A place for us to pour our hearts out, exposing our emotions. A place for us to meet new ladies, who share the same views and beliefs ... who we can relate to.

These topics will include things on - parenting, marriage, Military, our Faith, etc.

The first topic of discussion?
What's the best part about being a parent?

i hope you can join us, and i'm so looking forward to hearing your responses!
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  1. well writen! I am going to copy this and post it on my page! Isnt this cafe discussion so fun?!

  2. Thanks so much for participating girl! :) I'm already anxious and excited for the next discussion, ha.