Saturday, February 4, 2012

eleanor at 3

{eleanor zao jean at birth, 1 yr, 2 yrs, and 3 yrs}

Nona turned 3 on thursday, and i'm would be lying if i said i didnt cry about it.
when did my 8lb 11oz black haired baby turn in to a high energy blonde haired toddler?!
these years have flown by.

nona bear:
i wrote you this letter last year about what beauty is.
it's still true. every word.
i absolutley love being your momma. (yes, even when you sass me) you're very vocal about everything, even when you perhaps shouldnt be. you get that from me. i try to set a good example for you, but sometimes i don't feel like i do a very good job. i get frustrated when you won't stay in bed at night, and when you don't have your "listening ears" on. i'm trying to do better about that. i want to set a good example for you. i want you to grow up and say, "i want to be like my momma"

cheese is still your favorite food, you want to eat it as much as you can. you wont go to bed without at least one of your barbies, and you love to get dressed up. you're in preschool now, and you get excited every morning to go play with Miss April. you're always very proud of your art projects that you bring home. i always put them on the fridge.  you love to dance, and i will always stop what i'm doing to put music on for you. i love to see you laugh. it's one of the things that bring joy to me every day.

i love you nona, and i'm proud of you. more than you know.


  1. You're a great mother and now I'm crying...beautiful thoughts put into words !

  2. Happy birthday to your girl! 3 is a fun age!

  3. Pretty sure our girls would be best friends! Barbies and dancing non stop here! Happy badly Eleanor

  4. Love this... and I need a tissue. Especially since I clicked the link. Happiest Birthday sweetheart.

  5. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! This post brought tears to my eyes!! Such an amazing mother you are!

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!! She looks so happy:) and boy does mine like cheese too!