Monday, January 24, 2011

P31-day4..and mystery

day 4's challenge:
post a picture of yourself in your favorite outfit!

ah! this is wonderful. i immediatley thought of this cute dress, that's my total favorite, and then i remembered...i'm 30 weeks pregnant (today!). that dress does not fit right now. so i thought to myself, what is my favorite outfit this pregnancy? my "alice" dress as my husband calls it. aptly named for alice cullen. (we went to a book release party for breaking dawn a few years back as alice and jasper)

cute isn't it? and i got it for $3! YAY!
i love to wear black, because it's so easy to embelish!
throw on some pearls! (whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend LIED!) michael gets me pearls every year for our anniversary. they're my favorite!
or a beautiful bracelet! these two bracelets were especially made for me by Ginny Wilson of D'Art Wire Artistry. Visit Ginny's Etsy shop for more info! she also makes beautiful sculptures and ornaments!
and a black dress couldn't be complete without a pair of black heels! (yes, i'm pregnant, and i wear heels!)
(did i mention that i LOVE big hair accessories?!)
made by Lorijo Nerad from The Pink Paisley Poppy Emorium & Loziaskanaga Art Studio.

but of course the best accessorie to wear is this one: 
momma can't wait to meet you, mystery!

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  1. Congrats on 30 weeks! I turned 30 weeks pregnant and 30 years old on the same day, lol.

  2. You look adorable! And happy 30 weeks! I feel like time goes by really fast once you get to 30 weeks!

  3. Really cute!! The little black dress is great, even pregnant! :)

  4. Happy 30 weeks! You look great! I love wearing black too! IT's a color that looks good pretty much always! Love the flower!