Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a thank you to two

there are two women who have really made my heart come alive.
Sara Koller and Toni Jo Tilbury.

both of these women have tremendous hearts for God and have really inspired me to get closer to Jesus.
Sara is one of my BFFs, beautiful (inside and out) and currently pregnant with her and her hubby's first child (little Zoe Anastasia) due in May. Sara and John lead a in depth Bible study at our church (called verse by verse) we are currently studying our way through the book of Acts. you can listen to the lessons by clicking here!

i love the way Sara's face lights up when she talks about Jesus and shares her testimony. she is a walking light to the world wherever she goes. i am so blessed to have her in my life.

Toni Jo and i don't quite have the history that Sara and i have, but we're on our way. i went out with toni jo last week, and we just went out and talked. a lot. and when we got done and she was dropping me off at home, she prayed one of the most beautiful, powerful, wonderful prayers over myself and my family. she is such a rare and genuine person.  She is a true example that if you yeild yourself to God's will and hear His voice, people's lives will be changed. She has changed mine.

you girls are so beautiful. love love love you both.


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  1. Such a blessing to have amazing friends :)

  2. How humbling! Thank you for your kind words...and know that you have changed and impacted my life just as much! (I mean, heck I probably wouldn't be pregnant if it weren't for your nightly prayers!) You are such a treasure Kristance! Can't wait for Friday!

  3. This is totally off topic but..I had no idea you were pregnant!! EEk thats so exciting! You look great in that black dress from yesterdays post:)

  4. You are blessed and I am glad!! :o)

  5. I agree with Sara...this is very humbling. Funny how others see us so differently than we see ourselves :) Kristance, I look forward to our days ahead and making history, with more conversation and more prayer! It's just the beginning of a wonderful God thing :) You bless me...especially because you are open to God working in you.....that, my friend, is true beauty! love you, girl!