Sunday, January 23, 2011

who is someone you know that inspires beauty?

 i know so many people who i can stick in this slot!
my sisters
my friends
my pastor's wife
my worship pastor's wife
MOPS moms
(i could blog for the next year and still not cover all of them!)

this is kayle mae (my youngest sister):

(isn't she gorgeous?!)
kayle and i are a few years apart in age, and were never paticularily that close growing up. i was a cheerleader, she played volleyball. the only thing that we really had in common was our love for God and youth group. it wasn't until we got married and had kids, that we got close.

kayle inspires beauty because she has such a wonderful heart. i like to think i teach her things, (me being older and having been married with kids longer) but in truth, it's the other way around. there are things that she has dealt with that i will never have to. kayle will gladly put everyone else's needs before her own, because she would rather go without that see someone else go without. (she has such a giving heart) she loves her son, daymein, with such fierceness! just like she loves everyone else. (she's got the same spunk and heart that i do!) she has a strenght that i will never possess, simply because of the different trials that she has endured in her short life.

she is never afraid to admit when she is wrong, or ask for help and counsel when she needs it. that humility that she displays is what beauty really is.

she was over with daymein for christmas this year, and as we watched our kids run up and down the hallway, she murmered, "this is what it's all about."
 yes, kayle mae, yes it is.

[[kayle and day]]
[[beauty inspired, michigan week parade 2010]]

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  1. She is a beautiful girl! I love the pics. : )

  2. She is gorgeous and your post was wonderful!